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举办地点在麻州的一个State Park,有一个小小的湖,大家可以带上泳衣、沙滩椅、沙滩垫……等,在公园里可以Hiking、Biking、Swimming、Fishing等。公园需要缴纳停车费,麻州居民每辆车$8,其他居民$15。

Time: Sat. 8/25/18 10:00AM to 16:00PM
Address: Pearl Hill State Park, West Townsend MA 01474 USA


Update: rescheduled to Sat. 8/25/18 10:00AM to 16:00PM due to the weather.

大纳什华区中华文化协会2018春节聚会 (Chinese Culture Society of Great Nashua 2018 Spring Festival Party)

值此新春佳节之时,大纳什华区中华文化协会再次盛情邀请您和您的家人、朋友参加我们一年一度的春节晚会。今年我们将不再需要大家带菜,我们会从知名中餐馆直接订餐,届时还有各种精彩 节目表演、抽奖环节及小朋友压岁礼包派放。 大家只需要带着好心情,与我们一起共度美好时光。

活动时间:2月17日 (星期六)5:00pm开门,晚餐:6:00pm, 晚会:7:00-9:00pm
活动地点:拿城华人圣经教会,45 Pine Hill Rd, Nashua, NH 03063






With Chinese New Year approaching, Chinese Culture Society of Greater Nashua once again cordially invite you, your friends and family to our annual Spring Festival Gala. You will enjoy authentic Chinese food from some well-known local Chinese restaurants. Plus there will be a variety of exciting shows, raffle sessions and children will get red packet for luck.
Dress festively, and spend a fantastic time with us.

Time: February 17 (Sat)
5:00 pm doors open
6:00 pm dinner
7: 00-9: 00pm party and performance

Location: Nashua Chinese Bible Church, 45 Pine Hill Rd, Nashua, NH 03063

Activities: dinner, show, games, sweepstakes and so on

Advance registration recommended
Register before February 14:
adults: $15
seniors (65 and above) and children (6-14 years old): $8
5 years of age and below: free.
Register at the door: Please pay an extra $5 per person.

Please contact Luo Yu for registration and further inquiries.



活动地点:Nashua 华人教会: 45 Pine Hill Rd, Nashua NH 03063
活动内容:Pot Luck(每个家庭带至少一个菜,大家分享),餐馆订餐,节目表演,游戏,猜谜。
孩子(6-14岁)及老年人(65 +)$5;
没有提前注册, 现场付现金每人加5元。


Nashua华人协会2017年Summer Outing

Nashua 华人协会每年会举办夏日户外BBQ活动,今年有幸和Chelmsford中文学校一起举办,以促进大纳什华及周边地区华人交流。希望大家踊跃报名参加。这个公园有一个小的湖,小朋友可以带上游泳衣。这个公园需要交纳停车费,按照车辆收取。

提前注册,截至7/26, 现场付现金大人$5,孩子免费(15岁以下)。没有提前注册, 现场付现金每个大人$10。
具体地址:Pearl Hill State Park New Fitchburg Rd. West Townsend MA 01474
具体时间:Sat. 7/29/17 10:00 to 16:00 EST


CCSGN 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration Party

Dear CCSGN members and friends:

The CCSGN 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration Party is on Saturday, January 28, 2017. Besides spectacular performance and delicious foods, there are many other surprises waiting for you, especially for children. So please invite your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues to come and celebrate the Chinese New Year with us.

Date and time:

Saturday, January 28, 2017
5:30PM – 6:00PM Socializing
6:00PM – 7:00PM Potluck Dinner with a food contest, supplemented with takeout orders from Chinese restaurant
7:00PM – 9:00PM Performances

Location: 45 Pine Hill Road, Nashua, NH 03063 (Chinese Bible Church of Greater Nashua)

Fee: register before 1/26/2017, Adult: $8, Senior and Kids(3-12): $5, Kids 2 and under free. There would be $5 plus for each at the gate with cash or check only.

Please register and pay using:

As you already know, CCSGN is a non-profit organization and it relies on our membership fees and donations to cover expenses related to foods, party supplies, facility, gifts, etc. Any gifts, monetary donation, large or small, are greatly appreciated and we thank for your generosity and supports in advance.

Please register your performance to Mrs. Aloe Luo at Volunteers are also needed for organizing kids’ activities, decoration and cleaning.

Please reply the email or call me at 603-438-7034 for registering and volunteering.

Thank you for your always help and support to CCSGN, and I am looking forward to seeing you all at the party. I wish you, your family members, friends, neighbors or colleagues a happy Chinese New Year!

Xianglan Zhu

President, CCSGN 2017